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When it comes to topics of discussion related to Costa Rica travel, onward tickets are seldom mentioned. Foreign visitors who arrive in Costa Rica with a tourist visa and a round-trip ticket do not generally have to worry about this issue; however, travelers who wish to extend their trips, explore Central America and the Caribbean, become perpetual tourists, or re-enter the country for any reason should be aware of onward tickets.

Foreign visitors to Costa Rica whose passports are issued by “Group One” countries enjoy automatic, 90-day tourist visas at our country’s port of entry with few requirements set forth by the General Law on Immigration, Number 8764, enacted in 2010. Among these Group One countries we find Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and member nations of the European Union, which explains why we see a high number of tourists from these commonwealths and republics.

For citizens of Group One nations, there are many advantages offered by Costa Rica travel; these include the enticement of visiting Nicaragua, Panama, various Caribbean island nations and territories, and even becoming a perpetual tourist. These enticements, however, will require the use of onward tickets at some point.

Onward Tickets in Costa Rica

In Spanish, onward tickets are called “boletos de continuidad.” They are not explicitly mentioned in Law 8764, but they are described in the rules set forth by the General Directorate of Immigration. The concept is easy to understand: All foreign visitors arriving in Costa Rica must present proof of onward or outbound travel. This requirement is easily satisfied with a round-trip ticket, but it can also be a ticket out of Costa Rica by either plane, bus or vessel.


How to get a Onward Bus Ticket ?

To apply for this service you need to send us a copy of your passport scanned through your email, also the date and the country you want to travel. Upon receiving the required information, we will send a form of payment through PayPal. The process usually takes less than 10 minutes, we will do our best to do it the quick way, We wil send you your Bus Ticket to your email.  

San Jose, Costa Rica Panama City, Panama 17 hours 11.00, 23.00 $89
San Jose, Costa Rica Rivas, Nicaragua 6  hours 06.00, 12.00 $59
San Jose, Costa Rica Granada, Nicaragua 7 hours 06.00, 12.00 $59
San Jose, Costa Rica Managua, Nicaragua 8 hours 06.00, 12.00 $59
Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica Bocas del Toro, Panama 3 hours 08.00 $49
Bocas del Toro, Panama Puerto Viejo de Limon, Panama 3 hours 08.00 $49
Liberia, Costa Rica Rivas, Nicaragua 3 hours 09.30, 15.30 $59
Liberia, Costa Rica

Granada, Nicaragua

4 hours 09.30, 15.30 $59
Liberia, Costa Rica Managua, Nicaragua 5 hours 09.30, 15.30 $59
Rivas, Nicaragua San Jose, Costa Rica 6 hours 09.00, 14.00 $59
Granada, Nicaragua San Jose, Costa Rica 7 hours 06.00, 12.00 $59
Managua, Nicaragua San Jose, Costa Rica 8 hours 05.00, 11.00 $59
Panama City, Panama San Jose, Costa Rica 17 hours 11.30, 23.00 $89

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